In The Windswept Fields Of My Soul

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.”* I wonder what secrets they keep. The moon paints the leaves with a blood-red stain. If I go in there, will I come out again ? Do thirsty vampires await? Are the seductive voices I hear bait? A ravishing woman appears from out of the air. A second ago thereContinue reading “In The Windswept Fields Of My Soul”

If I Dare To Leap

“The path forward may sometimes be unclear. And it may be messy. But the shared heart is calling, and we have an opportunity to make lasting shifts toward love and justice in our world.” Kristi Nelson/Executive Director of On a rainy day there is no place to go Except inside To a safer place ToContinue reading “If I Dare To Leap”

The Time Traveler

In troubling times, it helps to get out of our heads. Try this flight into fantasy on for size. Rush hour traffic Reading bumper stickers Bumper to bumper What if Suddenly Time jogs out of joint No traffic Traffic-less No highway A tunnel Swings into view Sea shell music A pulsing oval Misty edges TheContinue reading “The Time Traveler”

This Single Moment

I don’t know anything anymore I don’t know up from down Or east from west Or happiness from sadness I don’t know anything It’s becoming one big ball One vast, amorphous something In the midst of this single moment I can’t turn away from my insignificance Or ignore my greatness In this single moment Just holdContinue reading “This Single Moment”