In The Windswept Fields Of My Soul

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.* I wonder what secrets they keep. The moon paints the leaves with a blood-red stain. If I go in there, will I come out again? Do thirsty vampires await? Are the seductive voices I hear bait? A ravishing woman appears from out of the air. A second ago,Continue reading “In The Windswept Fields Of My Soul”

The Goddess And The Tree Stump

There once was a Goddess who preferred to talk to fully grown trees rather than people. While searching for a splendiferous tree, she instead encountered a gnarled tree stump–a whole forest of them, actually. The Goddess, named Marsha, was quite young. She was one-hundred-and sixty-two years old, which, in Goddess terms, is merely a teenager.Continue reading “The Goddess And The Tree Stump”