In The Windswept Fields Of My Soul

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.”* I wonder what secrets they keep. The moon paints the leaves with a blood-red stain. If I go in there, will I come out again ? Do thirsty vampires await? Are the seductive voices I hear bait? A ravishing woman appears from out of the air. A second ago thereContinue reading “In The Windswept Fields Of My Soul”

What Is Your Desire?

Pencils on their own are dumb creatures. Put them in the hands of children, and they are apt to draw Moms and Dads, third-grade teachers, tulips, and dragons. Pencils in the hands of adults are apt to write brilliant plays or novels. The work of Robert Ludlam and Lee Child comes to mind. In adultContinue reading “What Is Your Desire?”

A Thrilling Tale of Two Hearts’ Desires

With so many vampire novels on the market today, one could wonder at the need for yet another; but Scarlet Ambrosia is a vampire story of a different color, seasoned not so much by the drama of blood-letting as by the more universal themes of self-discovery, human nature, and redemption.